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About HACHI(Winter)
the 7th Hachidoll

Finally the 7th Hachidoll -- HACHI(Winter), is coming.
She wears hairy bear ear hairband, and dress printed with clip arts specially designed by our designer.
She has the same hair color, dull pink, as the 6th Hachidoll -- SHEEP. They would look like sisters if put together!
The amount of production this time is limited. Because of the workload of our studio, the product development had been delayed for quite a while. However we have been receiving inquiries from you, and that's exactly the reason why this HACHI(Winter) could be born.
We hope this lovely drooping-eye, pink-hair girl would take warmness to you in this cold season.

About Hachidoll series

Hachidoll is a doll series we designed for OB11 body.
The head is made of rubber material. Brows and eyes are printed.
In order to make Hachidoll more detailed and lovely, we draw the blush, lips, forehead and ears, and coat all by hand.
There are two characters in Hachidoll series, HACHI and SHEEP. They have the same head model, but with completely different makeup, which makes them quitely differentiating with each other.

PS. The hand-drawing parts cannot be ensured completely same, so please be careful before purchasing.

About sales method

Pre-order for the whole set in $115.00
Because of the limited production number we only provide whole set. Please kindly understand.

The whole set contains:
Box, instruction card, latest version of OB11 white-skin body and hand parts (non-magnetic), official HACHI(Winter) head and dresses.
(Shoes are not included in the set, but can be purchased additionally.)

Pre-order time
2022/11/11 20:00 UTC+8

Production time
Around one month.