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QLY's Little Lamb~Verdure~

The Verdure Lamb, which belongs to spring, is here~

※Starting from the 5th, ~Verdure~, the QLY's Little Lamb series will be made of high-grade PU resin and magnetic joints. You will not be able to tilt or bow the head part, but you can rotate it left and right.

WITH Sprout Dress Set $89.00
●Size/Height115mm、Weight112g、Head circumference 145mm、Neck circumference 40mm、Armhole38mm、Hand circumference38mm、Bust65mm、Waist 86mm、Hips95mm、Thighs45mm
●Set/Little Lamb、Stand、Storage Bag、Ribbon、Identify card
●Makeup design/花与狗
●Dress design/KappaQ
●Appointment period/02.25.2023(Sat)20:00〜03.04.2023(Sat)20:00
●Delivery time/May 2023

QLY's Little Lamb~Verdure~ Purchase Notes

1. The production process of the toys is almost all manually operated. There are bound to be differences between individuals. The limitation of craftsmanship and manual operation make the finished product unable to achieve perfection. For perfectionists, please consider carefully before purchase.

2. Due to the limitations of the large-scale production process of QLY's Little Lamb~Verdure~, the following situations cannot be completely avoided, and please do not place an order if it is unacceptable: there may be slight color difference, slight leg seams, slight uneven paint, small paint leakage, slight flying oil, tiny black dots or white dots, slightly asymmetrical eyes or nose.

3. Acceptable cases of after-sales replacement: severe scratches or paint peeling.

4. QLY's Little Lamb~Verdure~ no longer uses PVC material, but changes to high-grade PU resin material. Due to the structural modification, it becomes not allowed to tilt or bow the head. Bumping will easily cause the paint to fall off. Please be careful when playing.

5. The head, hands and feet of QLY's Little Lamb~Verdure~ can be pulled out, but it is not recommended to plug and pull frequently, which will easily cause the paint to fall off.