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FULL SET include:

(1)little lamb


(3)Flannel bag for little lamb

(4)Identify card

(5)a silk ribbon



1. QLY's Little Lamb's all production processes are manually operated. There are bound to be differences between individuals. Process limitations and manual operations make the finished product impossible to achieve 100% perfect, please consider carefully before buying. If you found a serious defect, please contact customer service as soon as possible.

2. QLY's Little Lamb contains small parts and there is a risk of suffocation if swallowed by children. Please refrain from using it if you are under 14 years old.

3. QLY's Little Lamb is made of PVC, it is sturdy in general, but the paint may peel off, so please be careful.

4. The head, hands, and feet of QLY's Little Lamb can be pulled out, but please note that if you insert and remove it frequently, the joints may loosen and the paint may peel off.

5. The product is a reserved product and will take some time to ship. In addition, we cannot accept cancellations after your order has been placed.

At present, except for Japan and South Korea, we have only roughly estimated the shipping costs for other countries, and we will check the actual shipping costs ,if you charge extra shipping, we'll refund it through PayPal