【QLYwork】Retro Cat Head Stand - Life-sized(sold out)


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 Retro Cat Head Stand - Life-sized

Retro Cat Head Stand is designed to be a fashionable accessory for your pets. The hand-painted fur and vintage hairstyle will give your cat a unique and charming look. The stand can also serve as a cute home decoration. Dress up your cats with adorable headwear today!

- Pink Hair: $95
- Black Hair: $98
- Two-color set:$183

<Expected Shipping>
within 7 working days

- Size: Height 28cm, Weight 700g, Head circumference 52cm, Shoulder width 10.2cm
- Main Material: Vinyl
- Included: Doll body, storage bag
- Original Design: QLYwork
- Make-up Design: 花与狗

<Daily Maintenance>
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Use a damp cloth to gently wipe off any dust.
Do not rub or scratch the eyes, eyebrows, or blush area.

<Ahout the Price>
The production of black fur requires more attention to detail, and has a higher rejection rate, leading to longer working hours and a higher cost. Therefore, the price of the black fur version will be higher than the pink fur version.
Due to production limitations, the first batch of black fur versions will be limited in quantity. We may consider adding more stock if the production process runs smoothly.

As our Retro Cat Head Stand features ears, certain types of hats may not be suitable. We recommend purchasing headwear such as headbands for your cats.

<Quality Explanation>
Please note that our product is a toy display item, not a piece of art, and therefore cannot guarantee perfection.
There may be slight variations in color, uneven paintwork, slight scratches, and bubbles during production.
The joints may also have slight deformations, and the eyes may have small air bubbles during the sticking process.

Perfectionist please buy with caution!
Thank you!