【QLYwork】QLYhome・Good Friends~Winter.Ver(instock)


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QLYhome・Good Friends~Winter.Ver 
Ceramics Dolls Series

QLY home is an orphanage south of the QLY forest. It is surrounded by forest, with bright green leaves, the fragrance of flowers and a clear river flowing by.

The children of the QLY home grow up here and tell their stories in the changing seasons each year.

QLYhome・Good Friends~Winter.Ver 

●Price/$39.00(each one)/$146.00(Set of 4)
●Material / Bisque.
●Contents/ Body, character cards.
●Original Design/QLYwork
●Makeup design/花与狗
●Pre-order time/2023/12/24 20:00 UTC+8~

● The dolls are completely handmade and coloured one by one, so absolute uniformity cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware of the hand-painting process before purchasing.
● The bisque firing process is extremely difficult to control and minor baking traces may often remain randomly. Please be aware of this before purchasing.
●Care: If the doll gets dirty, wipe it with a sponge dipped in water to remove the dirt.
●Please note that rubbing the doll with sandpaper or hard objects may cause the colours to fade.



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