【QLY.island】~Mimie~【Deposit】(sold out)


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QLY.island ~Mimie~

After two years of preparation, our poseable retro plush animal girl, Mimie, has finally arrived in front of everyone.
Introducing our latest series, QLY.island. QLY.island is a new series primarily featuring retro plush animal dolls. In the future, we will also release other adorable animals, so please stay tuned.

Mimie is limited to 50 set. After the the reservation quantity is reached, we will end the reservation in advance.

Full set price:$189
●Size/Height 30.5cm,Head circumference 31.5cm,Neck circumference 13.5cm,Shoulder width 7.5cm,Bust 19.5cm,Hips 26cm,Arms (excluding hands) 9cm,Thigh 8.8cm,Calf 6cm
●Set/Mimie Doll, Official outfit set,Stand,Drawstring bag,Box
●Original Design/QLYwork
●Makeup design/花与狗
●Outfit design/KappaQ
●Appointment period/Oct. 28th, 2023(Sat)20:00〜Nov. 5th, 2023(Sun)23:59
●Delivery time/Apr. 2024

<Deposit Purchase>
Due to the high original price of Mimie and the possibility of an extended production time of 6 months, we have adopted a deposit + final payment sales method for this release.
For customers who choose the deposit option, we will send you a final payment email when the product is ready for shipment.
Please make the final payment, including the remaining balance and shipping costs, within 1 month after receiving the final payment email.
Orders that are not paid in full within the specified time frame will be considered canceled, and the deposit will not be refunded.

●Head can pan, tilt and roll
●Mimie has a firm structure underneath its plush, allowing it to maintain its shape and prevent collapsing.
●The arms and legs of Mimie have single-joint articulation.
●The connection between the head and body is structured with a spherical joint, allowing for relatively flexible head positioning.
The overall architecture is consistent with the PVC edition Little Lamb.
●Mimie also features a cute little tail at the back.
●The ear section is soft, making it easy to wear certain bonnet.

<Differences between sample and mass production of Mimie>
●The photo is a 3D printing sample. The face and limbs are colored through spray painting.
●Mass-produced items will use stronger and more durable ABS/PVC material. Please note that there may be slight differences from the sample due to the representation of skin color through material blending.

<The compatibility with other doll dresses>
●Can wear some 20cm size cotton doll clothes
●Blythe hats are generally wearable.
●Blythe and 6-inch BJD doll size clothes are not suitable.

<Daily Maintenance>
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
If it gets dirty, you can gently clean it with waterless plush doll spray.
but please do not use a hairdryer with hot air.

●The photos (display items) are samples. Actual products may differ.
●This product is hand-painted, making each one unique. There may be slight black dots and traces of handcrafting.
●There may be certain factory issues that cannot be perfectly resolved, such as color discrepancies, mold lines, minor gaps, slight variations in limb lengths, uneven paint application, paint flaws, minor scratches, slight color bleeding, and minor black or white spots.
●This product is a pre-order item, and it will take time from ordering to delivery. After making a reservation, refunds are not accepted.
●This product is available for pre-order. If you place an order for this product along with other in-stock items, they will be shipped together once this product is ready. If you require separate shipping for the in-stock items, please place separate orders.