【QLYwork】The Retro Lamb Hat(1/6 bjd size)「instock」


セールスプライス $103.00 通常価格 $183.00


The long-beloved retro lamb hat stand is finally available in a 1/6 bjd size version.
This time, there are two options: pink (with open eyes) and yellow (with sleeping eyes). Which one do you prefer?

Furthermore, for this edition of the lamb hat stand, the material has been changed from rubber to the more stable high-quality PU resin.
The high-quality PU resin adds a sense of weightiness to the overall design. The full-body coating not only slows down yellowing but also enhances the overall effect with greater intricacy and finesse.

Set of two: $103

●Size/Height 9cm,Weight 105g,Head circumference 16.5cm,Shoulder with 3.8cm
(※This product is made based on the 'bare head' of a 1/6 bjd doll.
If the hat is slightly larger, you can adjust it by wearing a wig.)
●Material/High-quality PU Resin(Hat Stand), French Lace(Collar )
●Set/Hat Stand, Collar, Storage Box
●Original Design/QLYwork
●Makeup design/花与狗

<Size Comparison>
●with 1/4 bjd:
Not fit
●with the Little Lamb:
Slightly larger than that of the Little Lamb.
Lamb's headwear and hats can generally be worn.

<Daily Maintenance>
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
If it gets dirty, you can gently wipe it with a damp cloth,
but please try to avoid rubbing the blush area vigorously.

●The photos (display items) are samples.Actual products may differ.
●This product is hand-painted, making each one unique. There may be slight black dots and traces of handcrafting.
●If you place an order for this product along with other in-stock items, they will be shipped together once this product is ready. If you require separate shipping for the in-stock items, please place separate orders.