【QLYwork】Cute little clothes for Lamb&Rabbit-【Sailor】(instock)


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【QLYwork】Cute little clothes for Lamb-【Sailor】

Specially designed for the QLY's Little Lamb~Cookie~.
On Valentine’s Day, let Cookie carrys your love and sail away~

●Size/QLY's Little Lamb
●Material/Japanese Cotton


【QLYwork】Cute little clothes for Rabbit-【Sailor】

The clothes themselves are specially designed by Cookie~
Tried it on Rabbit and found it surprisingly suitable.
So KappaQ made a special version based on the rabbit’s measurements~
Please be careful of the size~

●Size/QLY's Little Rabbit
●Material/Japanese Cotton

If the rabbit you purchased has not yet shipped, it can be shipped with this sailor set if you need it, and we will refund the extra shipping cost