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About Hachi-Sunny

Sunny, as the eighth installment in the Hachidoll series, signifies both beginnings and endings. Her birth marks the creation of a new child, but it also serves as the conclusion for the entire Hachidoll series.

Regrettably, it's time for us to bid farewell to the Hachidoll series.

Sunshine always symbolizes brightness and hope, imparting warm and joyful feelings. We hope that this child, blessed with the healthy glow of sunny, can also infuse a ray

About Hachidoll series

In order to create this sunburn skin doll, we newly use imomodoll-designed body instead of OB11 body that we originally used.
The head is made of rubber material. Brows and eyes are printed.
In order to make Hachidoll more detailed and lovely, we draw the blush, lips, forehead and ears, and coat all by hand.
There are two characters in Hachidoll series, HACHI and SHEEP. They have the same head model, but with completely different makeup, which makes them quitely differentiating with each other.

PS. The hand-drawing parts cannot be ensured completely same, so please be careful before purchasing.

About sales method

Pre-order for the whole set in $119.00
Because of the limited production number we only provide whole set. Please kindly understand.

Full set includes:

HACHI(Sunny) Head, Doll box, instruction card, imomodoll milk tea skin  body( two additional pairs of hands included), official outfit (shoes not included, but available for purchase separately).

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2023/8/30 20:00 UTC+8

Production time
Around two month.