【QLYwork】QLY's Little Rabbit~Taro Ice~(instock)


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【QLYwork】QLY's Little Rabbit~Taro Ice~

The first QLY's Little Rabbit, ~Taro Ice~, finally come at the end of the Year of the Rabbit.

The head of the QLY's Little Rabbit uses a spherical joint, allowing it to make various poses such as tilting, lowering, and looking up. Both the hands and feet have single dynamic joints.

The official dress set includes a white nightgown and a bow.

The QLY's Little Rabbit is our attempt to return to the world of soft vinyl toys. It's not made of heavy resin or PVC, nor is it a delicate and fragile, expensive toy resembling a work of art. Instead, it's a lightweight, portable, and durable little rabbit doll.

We hope everyone can treat the QLY's Little Rabbit with the same spirit as playing with dolls in childhood, dressing it up for fun or taking it out for travelling and photographing, rather than treating it as a fragile, exquisite piece of art, carefully placing it on a shelf.

Due to the craftsmanship of soft vinyl toys, the QLY's Little Rabbit may not be as perfect and delicate as resin toys, but she certainly doesn't lose out in cuteness!

Also, we have specially designed clothes for the Rabbit. There are two colors: pure white【White Cotton】and floral【Early Spring】. Dress up your Rabbit with new clothes!


QLY's Little Rabbit~Taro Ice~
●Size/Height 15.5cm,Weight 65g
●Set/Doll,Official Dress set,Certification Card,Instruction Card
●Makeup design/花与狗
●Outfit design/KappaQ
●Appointment period/Jan. 30th, 2024(Tue)20:00〜
●Delivery time/
Orders before Feb. 2nd: dispatched within 1 week
Orders after Feb. 2nd: expected to ship in March

Cute little clothes for Rabbit-【White Cotton】
Cute little clothes for Rabbit-【Early Spring】
●Size/For Rabbit ( a little tough for Lamb)
●Set/Onepiece, Ribbonx2
●Appointment period/Jan. 30th, 2024(Tue)20:00〜
●Delivery time/
dispatched within 1 week


●Toys are not artworks. The production process is almost entirely manual, resulting in inevitable differences between individuals. Due to the constraints of craftsmanship and manual work, the finished product may not achieve perfection, so perfectionists should consider their purchase carefully.

●Due to the mass production process of the QLY's Little Rabbit, the following situations cannot be completely avoided. If you cannot accept these, please refrain from purchasing:
Possible slight color differences, uneven paint, minor paint defects, slight oil spots, minor black spots, and slight asymmetry in the eyes and nose. There may be a slight difference in the length of both legs, and at the connection between the legs and body, there may be seam issues due to the location of the exit from the mold. There are machine-polished traces around the head hole, so there may be unevenness.

●The material of the QLY'S Little Rabbit's body is prone to staining. Please avoid wearing dark or colorful clothing for a long time.

●As plastic toys are lighter, the QLY's Little Rabbit may not be able to stand as easily as resin or PVC dolls. Soft adhesive can be glued to the soles of the feet to help it stand.

●This product is available for pre-order. If you place an order for this product along with other in-stock items, they will be shipped together once this product is ready. If you require separate shipping for the in-stock items, please place separate orders.