【QLYwork】QLY's Little Lamb~Dressage(instock)


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QLY’s lamb ~Dressage~

QLY’s little lamb Collection Series

New models

High-grade PU resin material

Rich poses & accessories

Meticulous craftsmanship

Worth collecting and cherishing

Collection Series 2


【Purchase instruction】

Toys are not works of art. Every step of this series from moulding to finished product is manual. There have to be differences between individuals, and perfection cannot be achieved. Perfectionists please consider carefully before purchasing.

The paint on the magnetic connection parts of the hands and feet hidden in the body might fall off during the assembly and unplugging process, which is not covered in the scope of after-sales services for defects.

We strongly recommend you to take a video of the unpacking, as an after-sales certificate, when you received the shipped toys. If you encounter serious factory defects, please contact us with the unpacking video within 48 hours.



・Head part is magnetic attached

possible to be slightly rotated

but not recommended to pull out frequently

・Fasten the whip & rod onto the hand parts using Blu-Tack

・Arm parts are magnetic attached

please be careful when rotating or pulling out

to prevent paint peeling

・Please be careful when using the stand.

First fit the tail into the circle, then adjust the legs making sure the feet fitting in the footprints.

Do reversely when taking the lamb out.

・Please fasten the flower stand using Blu-Tack.

·Please be careful when fitting feet parts to prevent paint peeling


【About the giveaway】

This time, along with the lamb, a parchment doll dress-up book material package will be presented as a gift.

 The package includes cover cards, background cards, dress up cards and soft magnet cards.

 Please check the video tutorials on our Youtube channel or Instragram.